It starts from the inside,
by developing self-awareness.

The be well + be mindful mission is to offer training and support to

individuals, from both ancient wisdom practices and modern neuroscience,

in support of enjoying a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


  Wholeness, deep peace and fulfillment are available to each one of us when we tap into our inner resources. When we listen deeply to our inner knowing.

Are you ready to begin?

Alexis Williams 

Certified life, wellness, mindfulness Coach, CTI The Coaches Training Institute. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, MBSR Teacher Training and Practicum graduate, UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness, Yoga instructor, Founder of The Center for Massage and Holistic Therapy. 

Alexis has a passion for assisting people on their path to well being.  She has been a holistic health practitioner and massage therapist the past 25 years and is now dedicated to further assist people by sharing the personal transformation of life by sharing the skillful means of mindfulness through mindfulness coaching.  It is her mission to share the profound benefits of developing personal meditation practice and to develop the skillful means of a mindful practice with as many people as possible.


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