coaching in the NOW

This unique format was designed to meet you where you are in this moment. 

It is a simple model to help you navigate your way through a day, a challenge or an inquiry. 

It is a straight up 60-minute coaching session for $60.  

No sales.  No obligation.  No strings.  We are here for you!  


This service is based on my own desire to gain clarity in situations where I didn't have

that someone to go to.  I hope to assist you in finding ways that not only motivate you, but inspire you to take positive action in your life. Coaching in the NOW is a full range of services, addressing personal and professional coaching, mindfulness training, mindful self compassion training,  and tutorials to teach you the most current actionable skills. 


Designed for individuals working with particularly stressful life transitions.


Schedule your first call for just $50.

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