The listen deeply projects scholarship mission is to aid college students in well-being in body, mind, spirit,  by offering mindfulness-based skills and coaching. These skills are secular and practical, based on ancient wisdom practices and modern neuroscience. 

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Student life can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean students have to let stress take over their lives. By incorporating mindfulness and meditation into daily routines, students can not only relieve the pressure but also improve their memory, focus and ultimately their grades.*

You will learn how to incorporate mindfulness and mindful meditation in your college life.

The benefits of mindfulness and mindful coaching can be:

- Relief from stress and anxiety

Attending college is a high-pressure environment that can cause some students to develop anxiety from the constant demands. Studies show that practicing meditation regularly can help reduce anxiety by lowering the stress hormones in the body.*

- Improved memory

Having a sharp memory is necessary for high academic performance, and practicing mindfulness can go a long way toward increasing students’ ability to remember their course material. A study in Psychological Science found that students who did mindfulness exercises had increased short-term memory. They were also less susceptible to distractions and had improvements in verbal reasoning.*


- Increased focus

People who practice mindfulness and meditation are more likely to focus on tasks and avoid distractions. According to research in Consciousness and Cognition that compared study participants that practiced mindfulness meditation to those who didn’t, the mindfulness group had higher attention spans and cognitive flexibility.*


Sessions are in person or via Zoom.


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